Studi Sensus Jenis Ikan di Area Transplantasi Karang Coral Garden Malalayang

Karauwan, Maykel A.J and Gumolili, Youdy J.H. (2022) Studi Sensus Jenis Ikan di Area Transplantasi Karang Coral Garden Malalayang. Jurnal Episentrum, 3 (3). pp. 9-13. ISSN p-ISSN: 2721-8511 e-ISSN: 2721-7760

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In general, reef fish, according to their name, will occupy or live in areas where there are corals, and will adapt to their environment. Each species exhibits an appropriate habitat preference/suitability that is governed by a combination of factors such as food availability, shelter and variations in physical parameters. Fish will respond to habitat structure, which will affect their distribution and abundance. The purpose of the research was to identify the types of fish that inhabit the Malalayang Coral Garden area in particular, which is parallel to the sea with the Cross near the Boboca monument; counting the number of fish recorded through the Go Pro 10 Hero camera. There were 17 species of fish that were successfully identified and the highest number of fish were Blue Green Chromis totaling 1404, and Reticulated Dascyllus totaling 1158, then Black Damsel 665, while Lemon Damsel 148, while Heller's Barracuda 105, for other species no more than 6. Species There were 12 fish species that were identified and the highest number was still the same as at 8 o'clock, namely Blue Green Chromis 935, and Reticulated Dascyllus 784, Black Damsel 499, Lemon Damsel 177, Heller's Barrcuda 130, while other fish species were no more than 6 tails. The level of diversity of fish species is 1.37 which is categorized as moderate.

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