Bawole, William J.B (2022) STANDARDIZATION ANALYSIS DETAILING THE STRUCTURE OF HOME STORE IN MANADO CITY. Mahasiswa thesis, Politeknik Negeri manado.

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In today's Indonesia, home-store types are proliferating and are often found in parallel with residential and commercial functions. But in reality the buildings of the store that are supposed to home a function and the stores cannot function properly. , the design and calculations of the structure are necessary for the construction of shop buildings to contain aesthetic beauty as well as building security factors. The structure of home store is also crucial to avoiding the collapse of a building because of an earthquake can harm many. Misdesigning and analyzing loads is one of the main causes of structural failure. Considering this, before undertaking the design and analysis of the structure, a clear picture of the behavior and the amount of weight that work on its structure and characteristics is necessary. Research objectives to analyze the strength of store structures in the city of Manado, standardize structural early columns, beams and floor slabs on the construction of home store in the city of Manado. The purpose of this study is to analyze the strength of the home image structures in the city of Manado, and to standardize the early dimensional structures of columns, beams and floor plates on the construction of home store in the city of Manado. The methods and kinds of research employed are the designing model structures using the software ultimate version.16.2.0, for initial modeling using Autocad 2014 and excel for processing the data. Planning on its home structure lies in the town of Manado, north sulawesi. The design of this structure is symmetrical in a total of three levels. In the planning of this structure begins with the initial planning of the upper building: slabs, beams and columns. After completing a preliminary design, the author analyzes the structure with the help of a computer application (Etabs software) to get the value of the inner forces of the structural design and based on the output of the inner forces, the writer plans the girding and column dimension. For the design of the plate itself without seeing the deep force value that comes out of the Etabs analysis process, but the dimensions of the slab's dimensions are calculated using the moment coefficient method based on the plate panel being reviewed. The total dimension of planning on the slabs, beams, and columns is done by conventional methods planned according to Standard Nasional Indonesia (SNI)

Item Type: Karya Ilmiah (Mahasiswa)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Standardization of Home Store, Manado Home Store, column structure, beams, and slabs
Subjects: I Building Construction > IE Tesis. Disertasi dan Skripsi
Divisions: Teknik > Jurusan Teknik Sipil
Depositing User: Mrs Sarini Podomi
Date Deposited: 10 Jul 2023 06:40
Last Modified: 10 Jul 2023 06:50

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