Similiarity Check : Emergency Light with Remote Control using Microcontroller

Waroh, Anthoinete and Sawidin, Sukandar and Wungkana, Tony J and Makapedua, Herry (2020) Similiarity Check : Emergency Light with Remote Control using Microcontroller. International Journal of Computer Applications, 175 (27). ISSN 0975 – 8887

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The need for Remote Control systems is increasing, making it easier for humans to be able to optimize performance on the job over time. If at night there is a blackout, either due to weather, flood or disruption to the PLN electricity network orload regulation during peak load times so that electricity is turned on alternately for certain areas. As a result, the house was completely dark. Usually we turn on emergency lights for emergency lighting, or install a generator as a substitute for an electric generator from PLN. efficient in controlling the electric light. One solution to overcome this problem is by applying a tool that can control remotely easily, namely by using a remote control. Remote Control is a portable device that can be used to turn on or connect and cut off electricity remotely without using a connecting cable. Remote control equipment uses a set of transmitters and receivers and drives a relay that functions as a breaker and connects electricity, while the transmitter and receiver function as transmitters and receivers of digital signal data to infrared. This study aims to easily control emergency lights remotely so that users can turn on and turn off emergency lights by using a remote control, infrared (IR) sensor as receiver, LED as indicator and battery (12 Vdc battery) as a power source. Then an emergency light control system will be designed with Remote control in controlling the switch of electric power with a battery using an Arduino Uno microcontroller. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Communication Using Infrared The Arduino Uno microcontroller is used as a tool for processing data from the system which functions to send commands to relay drivers to turn on and turn off emergency lights. The methodology used is the design method by making a prototype emergency lamp with remote control. Infrared light is light that is not visible to the eye. Infrared light can travel through media such as air, water, optical fibers and translucent materials. The light source used as infrared is an infrared LED (Light Emitting Diode). LEDs are pn junction semiconductors that emit light when given a forward bias. As shown in Figure 1. The test results show that the remote control can turn on and off 4 emergency lights according to the user's wishes. The 5 Ah battery can supply 4 emergency lamps for ± 2 hours. The ability of the IR (Infrared) sensor to detect signals from a remote distance of approximately 6 meters.

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